The seriousness of a dog bite

While attempting to breed a dog I was bitten. The MRI scan showed the dog's tooth channeled through my thumbs tissue to the bone where a small fracture was discovered. This is where the bacteria from the dog's mouth entered and begun invading my system.

Blood test and tissue cultures from the site came back positive for Pasteurella. Pasteurella is a bacteria organism which commonly causes infection following a dog bite. This bacterium is potentially dangerous and, in my case, not only did it cause an infection, but also osteomyelitis.

Osteomyelitis is an infection of a bone. Which in some cases leads to amputation of a limb. Luckily I had the infected bone and tissue surgically removed. After which I was informed by the doctor that my treatment and hospital stay would be a minimum of 6 weeks. Every 4 hours I was given one of 3 antibiotics. Around the clock these antibiotics were pumped into my bloodstream intravenously in hope of saturating my bodies tissues and eventually my bones.

A gotdamn dog got me into the hospital and the only thing I could think of was dogs while I was in the dogs! I wasn't quite sure that they were being taken care of properly. My so called kennel partner was totally responsible for the dogs and yard while I was hospitalized. That was a big worry for me since he NEVER came to help clean up, build dog houses, or any type yard maintenance. Shit I had dogs on the yard he'd only seen as puppies and they were now going on 2 yrs old. So I was worried for real. Anyhow I had taken it upon myself to remove the stitches from my thumb with a toe nail clipper. My thumb was healing fine without any pain or complications. So after only 2 of the 6 week antibiotic regimen I discontinued treatment and against the doctor's recommendation I left the hospital. It felt like I had been released from prison-I was so fucking happy to get outta that hospital.

After I got home and got settled my next stop was my yard. Man the weeds were taller than the dog houses and grossly overgrown. Yet glad to say all my dogs were hog fat. My so called partner was simply throwing 2 scoops of dogfood in every chain space, refreshing their water bowls and shoveling up then leaving. Needless to say since the day I came from the hospital...he has not been back to the yard one time.

There are a few things that you guys can take from my experience. Make sure that you have someone reliable and capable of taking care of your dogs in case of emergency. Also a dog bite is serious because you could end up losing a limb. It's also very expensive being hospitalized.

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